Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winter Finally Arrives in February

We are experiencing our first major snow of the season today. And it's February! Luckily, it's also Saturday, so we're staying home. I still have to go out a few times to shovel off the back patio for our little Fillmore to be willing to go outside. But, I don't mind that. So, I've already planned out my indoor activities for the weekend. Crocheting, reading, movie watching, and game playing with the kids. We may have to add snowman making to that list.
On the crochet front, I've completed my granny stripe blanket (finally) and put a cute edging on it. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

And here is my latest project: A rainbow ripple pattern that I was planning to put up on etsy as a baby blanket, but Savannah is arguing that she should get to keep it. She's hard to turn down.

I've been hooked on this BBC show called Doc Martin that I've been watching on Netflix. So, I think I'll be finishing up that series today and maybe finishing up this ripple blanket. Then I have to choose an edging for it. I'll keep you posted.