Saturday, January 18, 2014

Blast from the past...

My Friday turned out not to be so good.  I left work like usual and picked my son up from school.  We had to go on our daily race from one school to another to pick up Savannah.  We were talking about running through Burger King after picking up Savannah, when...

WHAM!  I got hit from behind while stopped at a red light.  I was shoved into the car in front of me.  Sandwiched.  Without the extra bacon.  As soon as I made sure Myles was alright, I had to  immediately make calls to get Savannah picked up.  After the police showed up and separated my car from the car in front of me, that driver gave me back some of the pieces of my VW emblem from the front of my car.  It was a huge bummer.  :(

My cute little Jetta is pretty smashed up.  And, the funny thing was... I was  hit by a PT Cruiser.  I used to drive one.  So, I got a real blast from the past.  Now I'm sitting in limbo waiting to find out if the car is repairable or if it will be totaled. So, I have major anxiety.  Probably need to be medicated.

I've started car shopping.  Might be premature, but I need to be working toward a resolution immediately.  So, this week I get to deal with my graduation preparations and a crashed car.  And, while all this is going on, I still have 2 kids to take care of and classes that I'm currently attending to keep up with.  Stress levels are high.

Anyone want to give me a new car as a graduation gift?  It would be greatly appreciated.

Or maybe a tardis.  Or a delorian.  That would be super cool.

Monday, January 13, 2014


New Year
New Hopes
New Goals

I had high hopes for this year, but 13 days in and things aren't going great.  I have a long list of car problems, the top of which is just that the darn car embarrasses us at the worst possible moments.  I need a new car. Maybe not need, but strongly desire.  I saw an Audi the other day.  It's my new dream car.  Here it is:

I took my car into the shop the other day.  In an effort to both impress and finagle a discount, I joyfully left a Taylor Swift CD in the player for the mechanics to enjoy while fixing the car.  Surprisingly, the radio was powered off when I picked up the car.  Do mechanics not enjoy the soulful singing of Taylor Swift as much as I thought they did?  Inconceivable!

I was also denied my expected complimentary car wash.  Not really all that surprising as cold as it was at the time.  But, the following day I received a text asking me to respond to rate my service.  I texted them back immediately, emphasizing my disappointment with a frowny face.  I seriously hope someone received that text and at the very least smiled.
I've decided that my new years resolution is to increase my use of emoticons.  Especially in complaint texts.  So far, they seem to be very effective.  I'm starting a movement.  Get ready, people!