Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dumb Blonde

I had a major dumb blonde moment today. 
It was pretty embarrassing. 
It was $1 subs day at Jimmy Johns and even though I can't eat bread or any processed meats, I kindly offered to get a sub for Myles. The deal only lasted until 3pm, so I had to race to the nearest JJs as soon as I left work for the day. 
The parking lot was packed when I got there. And, the drive thru line had about 8 cars in it.  I pulled in behind them. 
And then I sat there. 
And sat there.  
And sat there. 
People were coming and going out the front door, but the drive thru line wasn't moving AT ALL!  Where's my freaky fast service?  I was getting pretty irritated and finally backed out of the line.  
That's when I noticed that there weren't any people in the cars in the drive thru line. 
The drive thru was closed. 
And I sat there for nearly 5 minutes growing very impatient. So embarrassing!
So, by this time it was too late for me to get in the actual sandwich line since I had to pick up Myles from school. I drove off in blonde shame. 
To make matters worse, I had to take Myles to JJs after school because he was expecting that sandwich & was super hungry. Also, the deal was over and I had to pay full price. :(