Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What kind of mom am I?

My sister got a call from her youngest daughter's teacher today. She is planning a field trip soon and couldn't remember if she had sent home the permission slips yet. "Which parent could I call to find out? Which parent would be able to tell me if this paper had gone home already?" Stacey got the call.
"That was a weird call," Stacey told me. I was on the other line.
"Why?" I asked. "I think she was just saying that you are the most organized and reliable mom.
Not so surprisingly, I have never received a call like that.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Words of the Week

Savannah brought home a stack of papers with her words of the week. They made me smil and I had to share them.
1. Word: Superb
Definition: Excellent, very fine
Sentence: When Mrs. Wolf grades our papers she uses superb. (It's true, she does, as illustrated in Savannah's picture. Savannah gets lots of superbs!)

2. Word: Attire
Definition: Clothing
Sentence: I like to draw attires for fun. (Future fashion designer?)

3. Word: Sliver
Definition: a small, thin piece
Sentence: When I do yard work with my grandpa I get slivers all the time! (In this picture, Papaw is on the left, Savannah in the middle, and Myles is on the right, distinguished by his orange shirt with the G on it for the San Francisco Giants. She's got an eye for detail.)

4. Word: Baffle
Definition: To confuse or puzzle
Sentence: It baffles me if nonrealistic things could be real. (That's bigfoot behind the tree. She's had a slight obsession with bigfoot for a while. Thank you MonsterQuest.)

4. Word: Utter
Definition: To speak or say
Sentence: My mom says I utter to much when I come home from a friends house. (Social interaction does cause her to become a Chatty Cathy.)

6. Word: Murmur
Definition: To whisper or talk quietly.
Sentence: Whenever I spend the night at my grandma's house she says that I sleepwalk and murmur all over the house. (That's Mamaw in the bed and Savannah is sleepwalking and murmuring on the right. :) )
7. Word: Shriek
Definition: To yell, scream, or screech
Sentence: I shriek when my grandpa puts fake spiders up my sleeve. (Papaw! Don't do that.)

8. Word: Hasty
Definition: Done quickly with little thought; fast
Sentence: I clean my room hasty. (That's the only way she cleans)

9. Word: Taunt
Definition: to make fun of
Sentence: If you taunt someone it is not nice.

10. Word: Qualities
Definition: A person's special features
Sentence: I have a lot of qualities. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sleepover Fun

Savannah had her friend, Alexis, sleepover this past weekend. Alexis brought a wii game with her called Just Dance. I Must Own This Game!! It was so fun watching them play it. (And I had to exercise quite a bit of restraint to keep myself from jumping up, knocking the girls aside, grabbing up the wii remotes, and busting a move) But when I get this game, I will regularly play this game by myself after the kids go to bed. Probably every night. I'd play it with them, but they would surely die instantly of parent-induced embarassment. Mostly because I'd show them up with my killer dance moves!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had another weekend of snow. I think we are all tired of it. Seriously.

I got a little crafting in, however, and made this fun little Valentines Day decoration. You can find the tutorial at this website.

Savannah was able to create her Valentine box for her school party. They will be having a Valentine social on Friday where the kids all decorate a shoe box at home and then bring them in on Friday to trade with another kid in the class. She is already certain that hers will be highly coveted.

Then, on Sunday, Savannah persuaded me to take her sledding. I was completely not enthusiastic about the idea and was kind of hoping she'd forget about it or we could put it off until tomorrow. (And then hope she forgets about it again.) But, since the temperature was in the upper 30 at 4:30 in the afternoon, I figured we'd better go. We bundled ourselves up and headed out to the park. The following videos show just how much fun we had. There's more videos of our sledding fun on my youtube page.
Here she was sliding down the hill just on her stomach. No sled required. It was super fun.
And the hike up the stairs. We did this trek about 800 times. My legs hurt today. I'm thinking of developing some sort of sledding and stair climbing workout. It makes exercising fun!!

We had to take a rest on a bench after about 500 hikes up the stairs, but we were still enjoying ourselves.

It's funny. We have had all this snow all winter long and this was our first time out doing some real sledding. How could we have been letting all this fun slip right through our fingers? We will probably have to hit that hill every day from now until spring just to make up for time lost. Savannah's ready to give skiing a try.

This was Savannah's first trip down the hill by herself. There was a huge, hard snowball at the bottom of the hill that had some sort of magnetic pull because every time we went down the hill we would end up flying perilously toward that giant snowball of death.

Savannah was on the super slippery sled here. It wanted to start down the hill without her. And bucked her off part way down.