Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Words of the Week

Savannah brought home a stack of papers with her words of the week. They made me smil and I had to share them.
1. Word: Superb
Definition: Excellent, very fine
Sentence: When Mrs. Wolf grades our papers she uses superb. (It's true, she does, as illustrated in Savannah's picture. Savannah gets lots of superbs!)

2. Word: Attire
Definition: Clothing
Sentence: I like to draw attires for fun. (Future fashion designer?)

3. Word: Sliver
Definition: a small, thin piece
Sentence: When I do yard work with my grandpa I get slivers all the time! (In this picture, Papaw is on the left, Savannah in the middle, and Myles is on the right, distinguished by his orange shirt with the G on it for the San Francisco Giants. She's got an eye for detail.)

4. Word: Baffle
Definition: To confuse or puzzle
Sentence: It baffles me if nonrealistic things could be real. (That's bigfoot behind the tree. She's had a slight obsession with bigfoot for a while. Thank you MonsterQuest.)

4. Word: Utter
Definition: To speak or say
Sentence: My mom says I utter to much when I come home from a friends house. (Social interaction does cause her to become a Chatty Cathy.)

6. Word: Murmur
Definition: To whisper or talk quietly.
Sentence: Whenever I spend the night at my grandma's house she says that I sleepwalk and murmur all over the house. (That's Mamaw in the bed and Savannah is sleepwalking and murmuring on the right. :) )
7. Word: Shriek
Definition: To yell, scream, or screech
Sentence: I shriek when my grandpa puts fake spiders up my sleeve. (Papaw! Don't do that.)

8. Word: Hasty
Definition: Done quickly with little thought; fast
Sentence: I clean my room hasty. (That's the only way she cleans)

9. Word: Taunt
Definition: to make fun of
Sentence: If you taunt someone it is not nice.

10. Word: Qualities
Definition: A person's special features
Sentence: I have a lot of qualities. :)

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