Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Concert

Tonight was Myles's middle school band concert.  I could definitely hear the improvement that comes with a few years practice.  They sounded very good.  I'll post a video of Myles's middle school band performing and then a second video of the entire middle and high school band performing together along with the middle and high school choir.  It was a pretty impressive finale!  (And I learned that Myles is first saxophone and the other saxophones are second!)

It was another night of my camera curse.  It never fails that if one of the kids has some special event happening, I either forget the camera, remember the camera but forget the sd card, forget to charge the camera battery, or bring a camera case with no camera in it.  And, to complicate matters, if I manage to remember all the necessary parts of the camera, I will invariably be put in a position where my photography skills are so lacking that the pictures turn out horribly and I miss most of the performance, trying to figure out the settings on my camera.  Myles's basketball season was plagued with all of these camera disasters.  Tonight, I remembered the camera, remembered the sd card, but forgot to check that the battery was charged.  (Of course.)  Luckily, I was able to take videos on my phone. 

I don't know who put the camera curse on me, but it's time for me to put an end to it.  I'll be making an appointment with a witch doctor after the holidays.  (Or maybe I should just read the camera manual or take a class.  But, I prefer the witch doctor solution.) 

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