Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Bomb

Savannah spent the night at a friends house on new years eve.  When I picked her up the next day, she asked me when new years happens.  At midnight, I told her.
"Well, my friend's grandma said she let the little kids stay up for new  years until 11.  That's not new years."
"She probably meant they watched the New York new years on TV," I told her.
"So, is that what time the bomb drops?  At 11, not midnight?" she asked.
"The bomb?"
"Yes, mom.  The bomb.  Does it drop at 11 or 12?" she asked with great exasperation.
"Well, there is a time difference between here and New York City.  So, it's midnight there when it's 11 here." I explained.
"So, why don't they put the show on an hour later here, so that the bomb drops at midnight for everyone?"
"I guess it's because that show is done live," I told her and started to giggle. 
"WHAT?" she asked, giving me the look foretelling of the teenage attitude that is right around the corner.
"When the bomb drops in New York City at midnight there and 11 here, does the whole city blow up or just Times Square?"
She pondered that for a second. 
"Oh, I meant ball."
hee hee.

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