Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sleep, sweet sweet Sleep!

Due to my total sleep deprivation this week, posts have been lacking, but I am going to cram it all in to this one novella post.
I took the kids out Sunday afternoon to try to find Halloween costumes or get ideas on what to make for costumes. I was determined not to spend $150 on Halloween costumes. However, after a trip to Nobbies and Halloween Express, $150 didn't even seem like enough. So, we left those two shops and headed over to Target. By this time we were all hungry and pretty much hating everything about this Halloween shopping trip. I was thinking that it would be cheaper for me to spend $30 on candy and forget about the costumes all together. I think everyone would be happy in the end. There wouldn't be any stress about having to put on a winter coat over costumes or having to take out a second mortgage to afford the stupid costumes. And, there would be a huge amount of candy that didn't suck! Win, win. Except for the darn school parties. DRAT! I'm not even in school any longer and I must still succumb to peer pressure.
So, after much angry searching on the Internet, we have decided on Myles dressing up as a Woopie Cushion and Savannah is going to be the Statue of Liberty. For the statue of liberty costume, we are making the entire thing. Wish me luck. The instructions and pictures I found on the internet make it look easy, but we'll see how true that is.
Monday was the first day of my crazy week. I have to get up an hour early everyday this week to get Savannah to school by 7am for cheerleading practice. (It may not sound like that big of a deal, but I function on an average of 5 hours of sleep a night. Not by choice, but how else could I get everything done? So, this week, it's been 4 hours a night and it's sucked!) Day one was rough. And to make everything better, I was greeted by some "special rocks" (as they are known in my house ) deposited in my back porch by my little Fillmore. And, in the pitch blackness of the 5:30am morning, I nearly stepped on the "special rocks". I love being sleep deprived and having to deal with bad little dogs all at once.
Day two, Savannah and I got to walk to school at 6:30am. This is just wrong. It is still pitch black out at 6:30am. And our little town has very few street lights. It was an adventure. We made it there and I walked back home. Prior to our walk, I had done my hair, but when I returned home, thanks to sweat, wind, and humidity, this was how I looked.

Day 4 was the worst. I went to bed late. I've been nervous each night that I would hit the snooze button and sleep through her cheerleading practice. So, my shortened night's sleeps have not been good. Last night, Fillmore decided to bark at 3:30am. For no good reason. I chose to ignore him figuring that if I didn't get up he would shut up. But at 4:15am I could take it no longer. I got up, shuffled to the Fillmore's kennel, opened it, shuffled to the back door and shoved him out. All without opening my eyes. It was an attempt to not fully wake up so that I could still get my last needed 30 minutes of sleep. It worked. (But, tonight any barking will result in certain death) Now, tomorrow is Day 5, and we will be walking again. (This is due to the fact that our second car is uncooperative and won't start during our greatest times of need). It's been raining hard for the past 24 hours and could possibly be snowing in the morning. Should be the makings of a great Friday.
Tomorrow night she gets to perform with the cheerleaders at the high school football game. (and she gets a sweatshirt, which I think was her biggest incentive to do this cheerleading camp. So much like her mother, she is. Offer us clothing and we are there.) Then, on Saturday, we will be completely focused on the making of her Halloween costume. (And catching up on the hours and hours of sleep I'm behind on).

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