Thursday, October 15, 2009

Swine Flu and Ham

Well, guess what is going around my town? The Swine flu. Or H1N1. And, it’s in my house. It’s been here since last Friday. Myles started feeling bad on Friday and is only now starting to return to normal. He had every swine flu symptom that was listed online except for the high fever. I have theorized that this is because the virus has mutated and Myles is actually sick with the H1N2 virus. That’s right, folks. We grow giant pumpkins and hybrid viruses. Come on over! I’ve been hearing ever since that kids have been dropping like flies at school. Lots and lots of absences. And, to celebrate this institute of germ sharing I spent the evening working at the Scholastic book fair in the school’s library. I was thinking that surgical masks should have been offered to everyone entering (or at least to me since my health should be everyone’s top priority). There were so many sniffles and coughs in that little room that I will certainly come down with some sort of terrible cootie. When I got back to my car, I hosed myself off with Purell. Twice.

Onto some exciting news. Savannah lost her tooth at school today. I think this is the first tooth she’s lost at school. She got a special treasure chest ring to put her tooth in and wear for the rest of the day. She also won a coloring contest at school and gets to pick out a poster from the book fair. Woo-hoo. Top ten day for Savannah. She drew this picture when she got home from school. It illustrates her new smile without the tooth.

Yesterday, B harvested our pumpkins (without me). I came home to a pile of pumpkins next to our front porch. It was exciting to see them up there, but I would have liked to witness the transportation of the pumpkins. Myles told me that B had to get our plastic saucer sled out of the shed, roll the giant pumpkins onto the sled, and slide them up to the front. Since he was home sick, B had told Myles that he wasn’t allowed to come outside to watch (it was about 34 degrees out), so we have no you tube-able videos of pumpkin wrestling. Darn it. But, here they are. (Maybe I'll be able to get some pumpkin wrestling videos when we carve them :) )

I had to take this picture while it was raining down ice pellets. Or, micro-hailing. That’s my new weather term. I’m writing in to Jim Flowers (local meteorologist) to let him know that it was micro-hailing in Arlington and we had hail the size of Nerds at our house.

Adventures in Ham -- Dinners this week have been a challenge. I thought that I would purchase a ham from the grocery store when I saw they were on sale. We don't eat ham very often and now I remember why. I cooked up a big ham and for dinner Tuesday night, I enjoyed it. Myles, full from his cupcakes, wasn't interested in ham and potatoes. (I brought cupcakes home from work and he greedily devoured 2. Later that night, while complaining of not feeling so good, I learned that the 2 cupcakes had been all he'd eaten all day. Good Job Mom!) Savannah took one bite of the ham, convulsed violently, and informed me that she didn't like ham. (I couldn't have figured that out from the dramatic performance she just gave). So, I sat happily enjoying my ham. Night 2 I had planned to make ham and cheese melts. Under normal circumstances, my kids will devour any sort of melt presented to them. But these were not normal circumstances. Myles was full from his Salisbury steaks and gravy. (After I fed him nothing but cupcakes, B thought a lunch of frozen Salisbury steaks covered in a thick gravy with a side of fries would be a good lunch for a sickly kid. We are hopeless.) B wasn't hungry either (thanks to Salisbury steaks). Savannah wasn't putting that ham anywhere near her mouth, so was instead served a turkey melt. I had a ham melt. So, after 2 nights, my humongous ham was now missing exactly 3 slices. Tonight, we will all be enjoying a crock pot dinner of Au gratin potatoes and ham. Will anyone enjoy this meal besides me? Probably not. And after these 3 nights of ham dinners, I still have nearly half of the ham left.
I hope the dogs like ham more than the kids do.

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