Sunday, December 6, 2009

Super Mario Mania!!

This weekend I thought it would be fun to rent the New Super Mario Bros. for the DS. I have always loved playing the Super Mario games and kicking some Koopa butt. I still remember playing the original on my old Nintendo which was hooked up to my parents console television (and still is). Savannah is the sole owner of a Nintendo Ds in our household. She is also the only one in our house who doesn't enjoy the Super Mario games. This weekend we planned to change that.

I brought the game home and immediately began to test it out. Then Myles caught wind of what I was doing and quickly demanded a turn. Savannah remained distant, determined that she didn't like the Super Mario games. So, we let her watch as Myles and I would raise the DS up over our heads attempting to help Mario leap a large gap, or kick our feet violently up into the air after Mario died a premature death. Finally, the nervous ticks, sweat, and bad words lured Savannah over to us. She wanted in on the action. And she promptly died. That was it. She wanted nothing further to do with the "stupid Super Mario game!"

Myles and I have been fighting over it all weekend and we have learned one thing: Super Mario causes ulcers. (and creative bad language) Our goal had been to beat the game before I have to return it, but it's going back tomorrow and we have only made it to world 6. (Ugh, the frustration.) The good news is that this has totally renewed Myles's interest in the Mario games that we do have. And, since he has only been interested in playing sports video games (boring!!!!), I am very excited about this. I can finally play video games with him again and enjoy myself. (And also have a chance at beating him) However, the housework that I have already put off for 500 other reasons, will still sit undone because we are busy playing video games. Who needs clean clothes or home cooked meals, when we are desperately trying to rescue Princess Peach? A poor princess's life is hanging in the balance!

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