Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An Unexpected Visitor

This evening we had an unexpected visitor. Scarlet the elf! We heard some jingle bells coming down the stairs and suddenly Scarlet the elf appeared around the corner.

There appears to have been a very bad boy sitting behind Scarlet when I was taking a picture of our surprise visitor. Apparently, he is not concerned about his standing on the naughty or nice list. Scarlet will be reporting back to Santa about those bunny ears!

Scarlet was dressed all in red (appropriately), but the elf shoes on her feet bore a remarkable resemblance to the elf hats that I had purchased for Savannah and a friend to wear during their school Christmas program (which were never worn).
She even had a Build a Bear bow on her ponytail. Very authentic.

We were all very glad to have this visitor for the night. She was very cute. And with the exception of Myles, we were all on our best behavior. I guess when piles of coal are found in his stocking, we'll know why.

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