Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book Signing

The kids and I were able to meet Patricia Polacco today. She was doing a signing at the Bookworm. The kids both did really neat projects on Patricia Polacco when they were in second grade and I was so excited to see that she was coming to town. Here we are:

She even brought the Keeping Quilt with her! I guess she takes the Meteor to the schools she visits for the kids to see as well. Very neat. She is going to be doing another presentation at the Omaha Public Library on Monday. I think Savannah will take her poster she made as her second grade project in to show to Patricia.

Then, we'll be going to see a presentation by Gordon Korman on Tuesday at the Omaha Community Playhouse. He happens to be the author of some of my favorite childhood books, the Bruno and Boots books.

David Sedaris is coming on the 25th, too. So many authors! Yay! I'm going to be broke!

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  1. Very cool! I just noticed that Myles is nearly as tall as you are!! When did that happen?