Thursday, April 14, 2011

Put on a Happy Face

I woke up with the worst headache on Tuesday morning.
I was nauseous, my head was pounding, and I overslept. So, our morning was forced into hyper-speed. Hyper-speed mornings involve a lot of stress, yelling, rushing, and pressure. Not a great combination on a headache morning.
Savannah's 4th grade class is having a special "theme" for each day left in the school year. Some of them are dress up days, some are bring something days, others are just extra recess days or game days. Tuesday was Cast Day. So, they could come to school with a cast or crutches or something to make them look injured. I tried digging around in my box of childhood things looking for my sling from my broken arm. I couldn't find it. We went to walmart to see if slings are sold there. They are, but they cost $12. I wasn't willing to spend $12 for something that would probably be worn for around 5 minutes, even though Savannah thought it would be a reasonable investment. We ended up deciding to use a piece of fabric at home and make our own sling.
Then, Tuesday morning arrived and all the rushing and pressure. Suddenly in the light of the morning, our homemade sling seemed completely ridiculous to Savannah. There was no way she was going to wear it. I had to talk her down from tears and try to convince her that if cast day was a bust for her, we'd make another upcoming theme day the best. I'm not sure it made her feel any better, but we were late and it was the best I could do with a pounding head.
After dropping the kids at school, I made it to work. Part way down the hallway to my desk, I discovered that the shoes I had chosen to wear were making "shoe fart" noises with every single step I took.
If I walked very slowly and only stepped on the inside of my right foot and the outside of my left foot, I could avoid the fart. I looked like I had some sort of severe leg cramp, but the feet were quiet.
The head was still pounding, though. And I was reminded how much Excel spreadsheets don't help headaches.
I somehow survived the day, made it home with the kids, and immediately laid down on the couch to try to nap away this horrendous headache. I had to block out any light that was trying to get into my eyes, so I must have placed my arm over my eyes to block it out.
Unfortunately my extremely unsympathetic dogs cared only for their hungry stomachs and whined for the entire hour I tried to nap.
I got up dealt with the dogs, and took Myles to his baseball practice. Once his practice was over we ran over to Walmart for some groceries. I spent the rest of the evening doing some work and making a jello salad for a work food day on Wednesday.
Around midnight I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. That's when I glanced up into the mirror and saw the disaster that was my face. Apparently, during my very brief nap, my mascara had run all down the left side of my face. And my right eye was highlighted by a large black blob underneath it.
And that's how I'd been looking all night long!
Talking with baseball parents, shopping at walmart. Not pretty.
Did anyone clue me in to the disaster that was my face?

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