Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th! (Part One)

We have begun our Fourth of July celebrations. Saturday was spent watching Myles's last regular season baseball game. The heat mostly held off for us too. And our bleachers were located in the shade, which is my preference anyway. Of course, I still managed to get a little sunburned anyway.
We ended the day with a trip out to TD Ameritrade park to watch the College Home Run Derby. It was really fun. The sky was cloudy until we got inside the ballpark. That's when the sun came out and began baking us.

We had to walk nearly the entire circumference of the park to get to our seats and by the time we found them, we were SWEATY!! We sat in our sweat for about an hour waiting for the sun to go down.We survived it and things got a lot more comfortable once the sun went away. The kids got to enjoy $12 worth of Dip 'n Dots ice cream. That always sweetens the deal.
Here is Daniel Aldrich, the winner of the home run derby. After the home run derby was over we were treated to a fireworks show. The ballpark opened up the outfield for us to sit in to watch the fireworks. This was super exciting!!
I learned that I am not able to capture a picture of all 3 of us together while holding the camera out in front of us. But if I smoosh these 2 together, you can see all of all 3 of us.
After a short wait, the fireworks finally started. Our prime seating in the outfield placed us directly under all the hot cinders, ash, and chunks of firework shrapnel. We had all of these things raining down upon us for the entire 30 minute show. Myles was best equipped to deal with this. There was all kinds of paper pieces all over the ground after the show was over. We, of course, brought home a couple of handfuls as souvenirs. And after sweating profusely for the first hour of the home run derby and then finishing up the night being showered by ashes, I looked hot on the walk back to the car.
We are going to another fireworks show tonight. The 3 day weekend is off to a great start!!

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