Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey Buddy!

I took Savannah & a friend to the gym yesterday to swim. At about lunch time we headed to the cafe for food and we passed by this guy who looked really familiar to me.
He looked a lot like Pauly Shore. 
So I immediately texted my sister. 
I quickly morphed into celebrity stalker mode. After some quick Internet searching, I learned that Pauly Shore actually was in town to perform at the Funny Bone Comedy Club that night. 
So, Holy Crap!  That really was Pauly Shore!
The girls and I headed back to the pool.  I figured Pauly (if we work out at the same gym, that puts us on a first name basis) had left. But no --Pauly Shore was in the hot tub. 
We made eye contact as I passed by & he smiled at me. 
I got the girls back to the pool & was fully ready to go over & talk to him, but he disappeared. 
In 3 seconds. 
He completely vanished. 
So that was the end of my momentary hobnobbing with a celeb. 

Hi Pauly!

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