Saturday, September 28, 2013

Holy Moly...

I have finally joined the hoards that are following the show Breaking Bad.  I'm completely obsessed!  It is such a good show!  I only started watching it this past week, but I'm watching it nonstop (thank you Netflix).  A friend recommended it to me and I just started watching it on a whim (ok, on a day when I was procrastinating a writing assignment), but now I cannot stop.
The characters are great.  The story line is intense.  I started off thinking certain characters were totally annoying, but then after their back stories are told, I came around.  Each of the characters is incredible.
I've just started the third season today.  And, I just found out that the 5th season is what's on TV now.  I'm going to have to buy the entire 5th season this week.  I have to know what happens.
I don't think I've ever watched an entire series all the way through this quickly.
And, I found this pic when I googled Breaking Bad.
Yet another toy that I need.
Mobile meth lab lego set.  It's going on the Christmas list.  :)

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