Monday, July 6, 2009

The Fabulous Fourth!!

Well, we made it through the fourth of July with all of our fingers in tact. The kids had a lot of fun lighting off fireworks all week long and my wallet is significantly lighter. Did all my disposable cash just go up in smoke? I believe it did. It was also one of the coldest 4th of July's since 1930. And it was drizzling for most of the day. We were all wearing sweatshirts. But we will not be swayed from our desire to blow things up. Our inner pyro's were proud.
Well here's the gang enjoying the holiday...

Savannah really liked the colors the smoke balls left on the sidewalk. I'm pretty sure these colors will remain there until next June.

Myles had designated himself as the official lighter of all fireworks. He put on a great show and all appendages are still intact at the end.

No matter where the fireworks were lit off at, the smoke always made it back into our faces. I should have provided everyone with ventilators.

Myles finally got to snarf down some of Papaw's delicious BBQ ribs. Myles's mouth has been watering for these since the previous 4th of July. mmmmmmmm...Ribs.

The girls all had some fun with sparklers.

In this picture I was able to capture a rare moment of the kids working together without fighting and cleaning up. These are two very rare occurrences lately. Of course, this was 2 days prior to the 4th when I could still threaten them with no more fireworks unless they cleaned up the mess. Right now our front sidewalk is still littered with the remains of approximately 40 million fire crackers. We did get all of the big stuff picked up, but I'm still trying to coerce the kids into sweeping up again. They, I think, are holding out for me to bring out the cash as incentive. Slave labor just don't come cheap anymore.

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