Monday, July 6, 2009

Mower Man

Myles had long ago declared that his desired profession was that of a mower man. He used to watch the mower truck pull up in front of our house and unload the industrial mowers. He would act out the work of the mower men in exact detail. This included the way they wore their hats and sunglasses. He has an eye for detail. Of course this was back when he was 5 or so. Since, then we have moved and the weekly watching of the mower men has ended. But, this past weekend, he was given the chance to try out the weedwacker. And his love for all things lawn maintenance has been renewed. He quickly learned that those little bits of wacked weeds slamming into your shins feel a little less than pleasant and had to change into jeans, but the kid knew how to make weed-wacking look cool.
And this year's birthday list:
1. His own weed-wacker
2. Baseball cards (his desired profession long ago changed from mower man to professional baseball player)
3. A PSP and games
4. Cash
I tried to explain to him that it isn't nice to ask for cash, but he reasoned that he will have to buy gas for his weed-wacker. True. Cash is back on the list.

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