Thursday, November 19, 2009

Count Down to New Moon and the mini Edward

I am anxiously awaiting my chance to see New Moon. My sister and I have tickets to see the Saturday matinee. We weren't hard core enough to make it to the midnight showing tonight. We have been planning to see this movie for months, though. Then, my son, Myles, gets invited to a birthday party friday night (New Moon opening night) and he and his friends will be going to see the movie before me. And I'm the big Twilight fan. But Jen Lancaster may have me beat. I haven't gotten the action figures. Only because of the ridicule I know I'd have to endure.

Anyway, since Myles has been happily rubbing my face in the fact that he's going to see the movie before me I thought I needed to turn him into a vampire. Here is my Edward. And in case you were unsure, we are a Team Edward household.

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