Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

How did Halloween come and go so quickly this year? I always look forward to this time of year because it's my favorite season to decorate for. And, I usually do it very very early to get maximum enjoyment out of my decorations. This year I just couldn't keep up. We finally got our cute porch things out the week before Halloween and we didn't even carve our pumpkins until the afternoon of Halloween. Anyway, this is how awesome our pumpkins turned out.

Here is a fun video of what happened to the one pumpkin that hadn't ripened completely and was not able to be carved. The kids found another purpose for that pumpkin.

After all of that mess, I am predicting that we have pumpkins sprouting up under that tree in our front yard and next to our porch where most of the carving and seed spilling took place. Pumpkin vines everywhere might be our landscaping theme next year. Won't the neighbors be excited?
Here are the kids in their costumes.

Myles and Savannah both went trick or treating with friends this year, leaving me at home to deal with all the neighborhood trick or treaters. I was usually able to weasel out of this duty because I was the one taking the kids around. It was a nice night out, though, and B and I sat out on our porch and handed out candy and scared kids with our skeleton guy.

B also brought out his red laser pointer and we discovered that it will shine a laser light all the way across the street, across the neighbor's yard, up their siding, through their open front door, and onto their living room wall. This will result in the neighbors coming to the door to look out in confusion as to where that red dot of light dancing all over their living room wall is coming from. Once, they sat back down, we did it again. And they came to investigate again. It was a great way to entertain ourselves between groups of trick or treaters.
All in all, it was a sort of strange Halloween for me. The kids came home with their sacks full of delicious candy (and I haven't even stole much of it yet). But, they are getting older and Myles says that next year he probably won't go trick or treating since he'll be too old. (He was a bit glum about it, though) So, we are planning a Halloween party for his friends next year complete with scary movies that I'll refuse to watch. (I get nightmares). But for now, Halloween is over and I get to begin stressing about Christmas. Black Friday ads are already taunting me. EEEEKKK!!!

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