Monday, November 9, 2009

Hot or Not?

Today I am wearing a sweater that I had bought myself over the weekend. I was out doing a little Christmas shopping and found myself a sweater on clearance and had to buy it. (I like to reward myself while shopping for gifts). It is a very cute sweater with purple and gray stripes and a cowl neck. And it's lightweight and very comfortable. And, I thought I looked quite good in it.

This morning while in the kitchen getting ready to leave, Savannah walks in and laughs at me. "Your sweater's on backwards," she says. "What?" I asked her. She was all giggly and I thought she was just being goofy, so I disregarded her comment. Then Myles comes into the kitchen. He, too, laughs at me and tells me my sweater is on backwards. Now, I'm a little concerned. I glance down at myself and see nothing amiss.

"What are you talking about?" I asked them. They are both still hysterically laughing and pointing at me.

"Mom," Myles says, trying to catch his breath, "your hoodie is in the front instead of the back." He means that my cute cowl neck sweater looks more like a backwards hoodie sweater. So, in 5 minutes time I went from feeling hot in my new sweater, to feeling self conscious wondering how many other people today will be looking at me wondering if I realize I have my hoodie sweater on backwards. Thanks kids!

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