Thursday, January 7, 2010

We've got SNOW!!

Well, we've got enough snow to last us until 2015. I am home again after taking my 4th day off of work due to snowy roads. The kids are home for their 4th snow day of the year as well. By our estimates the snow will likely melt off by the 4th of July and that is also the date that the kids will get out of school for summer break because of all of the snowdays.
The snow was blowing so badly today that all of the roads in my entire county are closed. That sounds pretty bad. I haven't left the house to find out. Additionally, it's about -20 degrees outside. I'm starting to think hibernation sounds like a good idea. I'll be cuddled up with the kids today under quilts watching movies and reading books while chili is cooking in the kitchen. We know how to do snowed in.
The kids got new sleds for Christmas and this year we've got enough snow to actually use them right away, but it's been so cold that I haven't been motivated enough to take them to the big sledding hill. I know it would involve about 45 minutes of prep work and bundling for only 5 minutes of sledding fun before frostbite starts to set in. A warm up is coming the weatherman promises. As soon as it does, we'll be out sledding!!
By the way, the picture above does accurately represent what my backyard currently looks like.

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