Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Cartoonist in the House

Last week the kids had "Arts Alive" week at school. The school had several different art activities planned throughout the week, including bringing in a cartoonist one day. The kids were able to learn about cartooning from the artist and came home with little practice drawings. This inspired Savannah to learn more and she, once again, turned to Youtube to find out more. (She's done this with many things that have interested her at school. She can tell me many obscure details about Amelia Earhart and Anne Frank thanks to her internet research. It's impressive for a third grader.)
Anyway, after learning some techniques from Youtube, here are some of her drawings.

I still can't draw this well. Maybe she'll give me some lessons. :)

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  1. Tell Savannah those are great drawings - just like I showed how on the videos! Nice to see what happens after I do the lessons.

    Best wishes

    Shoo Rayner