Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm Still Alive ........ Barely

Friday night I had allowed Savannah to ask one of her friends to come over for a sleep over. Myles was allowed to ask a friend over, too, but his friend couldn't come on Friday. So, Saturday was agreed upon.

I had thought it would be fun to take the kids to the High School Play on Friday night and then, depending on how awake the kids were, I would take them to one of the release parties for New Moon. Of course, once I got home from work and picking up the kids, I sat on the couch and there must have been some sort of magnet in the couch because I couldn't get up off of it. And that same magnet was working very hard at pulling down my eyelids. It was terrible. So, Friday's activities were a total bust. Savannah and her friend took this time (having very little supervision from the sleep mom) to take all of Savannah's Barbie Dolls into the bathroom for a "makeover event". After Myles asked me what the girls had been doing in the bathroom for the past hour, I panicked. Knock, knock.
"What are you guys doing in there?"
"We are just giving the barbies a bath."
"Ok. The room isn't flooded, is it?"
Hmmm. When the girls emerged from the bathroom a short time later, they were pretty much soaked. The bathroom didn't seem to be any worse for the wear, so I returned to my couch. The next morning while getting ready to take a shower, I found the barbies all in the shower. They all seemed to be sporting a new, much shorter, bob hairstyle. There were hair covered scissors on the sink and strange clumps of many colors of barbie hair in the trash can.
Oh, well. I guess it was time for Barbie's summer cut. I did learn that Barbie hairs are quite prickly when they are all over the floor.
So, moving on to Saturday, Savannah decided to invite her friend along to see Diary of A Wimpy Kid. I had been looking forward to seeing this movie since I heard it was being made. I may have been more excited about it than the kids were. We've all been asking each other if anyone wants to see our special freckle. "It's got a haaaiiirrr on it." ha ha.
Anyway, off to the movie we go. We have an entire row to ourselves until the previews start. That's when a group of teenagers comes into the theater and decides they need to sit in our row, right up against Myles. I always think this is odd. There were other more open areas to sit in.
MOVIE THEATER RULE #1 -- When there are rows of open seats do not take a seat directly next to a complete stranger.

So, I glance over at the teenagers. The boy sitting right next to Myles has kicked off his sneakers and is dangling his nasty sock foot right in front of him. And, he's picking his nose. (It may be the teenage Fregley).
"Do you want me to move us down a couple of seats?" I whisper over to Myles.
"No, I'm fine," he says.
"There's lots of open seats on the other side of the girls, Myles. We could move down a little bit."
I learned after the movie that the nasty boy was a senior from his school. I guess it is still cool to sit next to a senior even if the senior is Fregley.
We all did like the movie and I may have laughed louder than anyone else in the theater because I'm a dork like that.
We picked up one of Myles's friends after the movie and went back to our house. After making a batch of chocolate chip cookies and homemade chicken nachos for dinner, we headed out to the High School Play. It was pretty fun. Myles ran into a couple more of his friends and sat with them. Savannah and her friend sat with me and critiqued everyone's performance. The teachers performed the Evolution of Dance, which was the height of hilarity to the kids. :)
Then, Savannah's friend was picked up and a second of Myles's friends came over to stay the night as well. Savannah was now getting a cold and she and I decided to camp out on the couch, while Myles and his friends spent most of the night upstairs. (Thank goodness!) They did come down fairly frequently for pop and almost the entire batch of chocolate chip cookies.
I slept on the couch next to the girl covered in Vic's Vaporub, in a ball. I woke up at 2:30am to the barking of the dogs, boys having the Mother of all Nerf Battles, a stiff neck, backache, and sore throat. GREAT!
I ended up getting up around 8 after a very unrestful night. I checked on the boys to make sure they hadn't killed each other. None of them seemed to have any Nerf projectiles protruding out of their eyes, and all were sleeping. But, not for long. They came downstairs STARVING. So, I whipped up a double batch of pancakes, which they greedily snarfed down before heading outside to play basketball in the lovely spring 30 degree weather.
When the came back in, they were covered in mud. "SHOES OFF!" I frantically hollered at them.
A friend invited them all over to play football, and I gladly sent them off. They went back into the kitchen to put on their shoes and head out. Unfortunately for me, they mistook my kitchen rug for a wipe your muddy shoes rug, and this is what I found when I walked into the kitchen.

Boys. Gotta love 'em.
After I took all the boys home, Savannah and I decided we needed to get out for a little retail therapy. We went to Old Navy to look at some cute little skirts for Savannah and use our Friends and Family discount. We ended up hitting the jackpot there. Savannah got a bunch of really cute things and I found a pair of clearance jeans that FIT! It was a great end to my stressful, yet fun weekend.

Until I got home and realized that the dish washing fairies didn't show up and my kitchen was in the same scary state I left it in. Cooking for a houseful of boys makes a lot of dirty dishes!

Dishpan Hands? I've got them.

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