Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pain & Agony

So I am going to meet with a personal trainer today. For an entire hour. I regularly walk on the treadmill for a whole 30 minutes before I die from boredom. So I'm a little worried about this hour long trek through the depths of hell. The good news is that my trainer is buff. He's young, hot, and muscle-y. This should spur me on. Unless I pass out from my wimpiness. But if I did pass out, I guess he would have to resuscitate me.
Ok, passing out doesn't sound so bad.
But, honestly, I am a little concerned about my stamina. I had to do a minute long push up test for him. Didn't sound to challenging until I hit the 30 second mark. Then it got really embarrassing. Also, my arms hurt for the next 3 days. Seriously.
I may have to be wheeled into work tomorrow. I'm a little worried. Thank god for sit down jobs.

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