Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2

Second blog post of the year!

Word of the day:  legerdemain:  sleight of hand, a display of skill and adroitness

Today's word has a tricky word in the definition. Adroitness?  You cannot define one strange word with another difficult and strange word.  Not helpful.

Anyway, today is the last day of the holiday break for Savannah.  So we have to get ourselves back into a routine starting tomorrow.  Ugh.  It's kind of nice having the kids out of school on these breaks because I can get myself ready in the mornings without having to worry about anyone else's progress. 

I stopped into a new grocery story that opened up by my work.  It's a Fareway.  I've never shopped in a Fareway grocery store before, and found it to be very nice.  I have a new favorite grocery store.  Is it dorky to have a favorite grocery store?  I don't care if it is.  I have one.  It's this new Fareway.  They have a fantastic meat counter and don't have any prepackaged meat.  Not any.  And the store isn't huge.  I have really come to hate all the super-sized grocery stores.  It takes forever to get through those stores.  I just haven't got the patience for it.  It makes me grumbly.  So, new year, new grocery store. 

I bought some delicious salted nut bars from their bakery.  So, the weight loss resolution is already out the window.  So is the no more pop drinking resolution.  I've drank nothing but pop today.  I had a headache, though, so I'll start weaning myself off of the pop tomorrow.  Stupid delicious addictive pop. 

I've been battling with Fillmore and his insistence on peeing on everything on the planet.  He's being forced to wear belly bands 24/7 lately.  I think the holidays have him stressed out and he's being particularly bad.  So, I have noticed that he will trot around in a wet belly band and I don't realize it until he jumps in my lap and I smell him.  It's not delightful.  And his favorite place to sleep ... is on my pillow.  The aroma that he leaves behind is not the best surprise at bedtime.  So, I've been trying to offer up different places for him to sleep.  It's not working.

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