Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ice Storm Wednesday or The Day I Crafted up a Storm

Today I woke up to an ice storm. Actually, I woke up at 5am to the phone ringing and the caller id said it was the kid's school. They were calling to tell me that due to the ice storm, the kids were having a 2 hour late start. Geesh. Tell me that at 7am. Now, I was awake and my heart was pounding. So much for sleep. So, I got up, rode the exercise bike, took a shower, played around on the computer, and headed to the kitchen for some breakfast. I then washed a sink full of dirty dishes and made some chocolate chip banana bread. Quite a productive morning. Then I got the call from the school that it was going to be another snow day. Or ice day, I guess.

Unfortunately for me, I still had to head to work. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the main roads weren't icy and I wasn't doomed to crash the car this morning.

I got into a crafty mood this afternoon and made some Valentines Day decorations. I had found this paper garland on the Oh So Crafty blog. It was super easy to make so I made a second one. I made myself a heart template because I don't have a heart punch and because of the ice storm, I wasn't going out after one. After leafing through many old magazines and finding pages with images that I liked and cut them out. After that, I just sewed them all together into a garland and VOILA...

My kitchen is decked out with some adorable Valentine's decorations. Now for the rest of the house...

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  1. Your garland is BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe you hand cut all those hearts, such patience! Thanks for linking to my blog :)