Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a Winter

I thought I'd take the camera with me today when I drove to work. This is what it is still like driving in Nebraska with all of the snow we have gotten in the past month. It's quite unbelievable. This is what our street looked like as I drove the kids to school this morning. The trees were all covered in ice and it was a little foggy out.
This is the street we drive to get up to the school. It's nearly impossible to see any oncoming traffic. On the right is a full parking lot and the mountains of snow are so high that you cannot even see the parked cars.
After I drop the kids off, I have to drive down the road behind the school, which has only been widened a single lane.
This is a shot of some of the icy trees I passed on my way to Omaha.
A stop sign in the snow.

A mailbox in the snow.
And a scary stretch of one of the county roads that I have to travel.
And this is my prediction of what our streets will look like after our next snow. This has been one crazy winter.

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