Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

I am having a whopper of a Monday. I woke up this morning and had to get the kids ready for school. This is suddenly a strange disruption to my usual routine of leaving them at home with B because of a snow day. I discovered that I had absolutely nothing in the house for me to eat for breakfast and decided today was going to be a McDonald's morning. Yum Yum, right? So, I slip slide my way all the way to Omaha, excited to see a full 2 lanes of highway open for my entire travel. (Friday's commute involved long stretches of a single lane of plowed highway and me hoping a semi didn't come along to clobber me.) But, the traffic was moving soooo slowly once I got to Omaha and I was not going to work without my McDonald's. So, I was late. And to compound the situation, I had forgotten that the street I usually drive down was closed and I had to detour unexpectedly making me more late. I pulled into the parking lot, sought out an acceptable parking place, grabbed up my bags and my drink and hustled into work. I walked all the way across the building to my desk before I realized that I left my much desired breakfast in the car. Damn. So, I put my things away and grabbed my pass key and dashed back out to my car. And realized that I had left my car keys in my purse at my desk. My third attempt at getting to my breakfast was successful. I guess the repeated laps around the building was the universe's way of helping me work off those breakfast calories.
I got home this afternoon to discover B was out on the roof trying to push off the 2 feet of snow that has accumulated up there. While he is home alone. And standing on snow covered ice. Alone.
Miraculously, he never slid off the roof and the snow has been swept away. Over one small portion of the roof anyway. Unfortunately, the temperature warmed today and some of the snow and ice started to melt and drip down the back door. The gutters are overflowing with ice and are causing a spectacular fountain to pour down over our back door. This is causing an especially slippery patch of ice to form on the top step into the house and causing us to employ awe inspiring feats of daring to get into the house. Tonight, the back door is completely encased in ice from our roof fountain and will not close completely. This winter is proving to be very challenging.
And, because of the astronomical amounts of snow outside, the dogs prefer not to do their business out in the little patch of real estate that has been shovelled for them. They much prefer to leave me a present in the back porch following their evening meals. And, believe me, a present from a Great Dane does not go unnoticed.
Tomorrow is Tuesday and Tuesdays always go more smoothly for me. Plus, I'm taking Savannah shopping at Target. It's clearance time and a little retail therapy just might restore my sanity.

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