Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clearance Racks and Temperature Tuesdays

Savannah and I went to Target today to dig through all their clearance racks. We only hit one target store, and I'll be hitting another tomorrow. We came home with some loot, though. And I didn't spend much at all!! The after Christmas clearance season is my favorite season of the year. Here's a sampling of some of our goodies.

First, we have a brand new pair of long johns for Myles. The fact that these are smurf colored didn't influence this purchase at all. He will now be known as Myles Smurf whenever he wears these, much to his chagrin. :)
Savannah scored a cute pair of flats. She has decided to wear them to school tomorrow which means that she will have to pack her snow boots and her sneakers in her bag. Such a variety of footwear just to get through a day in the third grade! (These only cost me $3!!)
The next two pictures show my great finds. Two sweatshirts, one cost $2.98 and the other was $6 and one shirt for only $2.24. The fabulous and extremely soft black gloves are Savannah's. My favorite item of the season is featured in the second picture. Knee high socks. I'm starting a collection. When living through a winter with -40 degree wind chills, knee high socks are a must.

After we finished picking over the clearance racks, I remembered that I needed to pick up a new protective screen cover for my new ipod touch. I bought a three pack knowing full well it would probably take me 3 tries to apply the darn thing correctly. Allow me to properly set up this disaster. Christmas morning I was surprised with my new ipod touch. It is a step up from my ipod nano and I love it. It can hold most of my audio book library along with some fun apps. And, unlike an iPhone, I don't have to deal with bothersome phone calls during my farming sessions on tapfarm, nor do I have that horrible monthly bill.

In addition to the ipod touch, I was given a protective case for it in lime green (inspired by my love of Wicked) which included a screen protector. Unfortunately for me, I am a mental defective when it comes to applying the screen protector. I couldn't even figure out which of the Saran wrap-ish pieces of clear plastic was the screen protector. And was left with a bubbly, dust covered disaster after many repeated attempts. Today, I bought myself a new package of screen protectors and had planned to detail my ability to effectively adhere Saran wrap to the screen of my ipod. Here's the beginning of my new smartness...
First is a before picture. This is how my ipod has been shamefully going through it's life so far.
And, this was meant to be step 1: After removing all coverings and thoroughly cleaning the poor ipod, remove new screen protector from package.
I did this and the screen protector didn't quite seem to be the same size as my ipod. Hmmm. Upon closer inspection of the package, I had purchased screen protectors for an iPhone! DRAT. So, I had to return the sad ipod to it's green case and reapply the crappy screen protector. I did wash it off, though and while still bubbly, it looks slightly better. Tomorrow I'll be returning to Target (I wanted to hit another one anyway) and I'll be purchasing the correct screen protector. So, this story is to be continued...
But to end my day on a positive note, today was Temperature Tuesday at Runza. That means Runza only charges whatever the temperature is at 6am for their runza sandwiches. Today, Runzas were 4 cents. For those of you who aren't from Nebraska, here is a link to Runza so you can see what you are missing. They are supremely yummy. Unfortunately, the holiday season has caused most of my jeans to shrink (surely, this must be some sort of laundry issue, right? It can't have anything to do with the hours of couch sitting and face stuffing, right?) Well, Temperature Tuesdays are followed by Exercising Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. :(

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