Sunday, June 14, 2009

Best Weekend EVER!!!!

Ok, Saturday started out on a sour note. Our little village was having it's "City-wide Garage Sales". This is something that I look forward to every summer. I always find something great. But, I got up early (on a Saturday and I hate doing that), eager to get out there by 8am!! Well, that slowly morphed into 9am (which is still quite an accomplishment). Once B got up, my partner in garage sale shopping, he decided he didn't really want to go. What? I have to garage sale alone? I went upstairs to see if any of my children (who would normally be up by now) were awake. But, alas, they were not. So, I garage sale shopped all by my lonesome. And, it was pretty uneventful. I went home empty handed. But, Savannah was up when I got home and she and I decided to run across the street to check out our neighbor's sale. Well, I found a great oak quilt rack to hang on the wall. (M mother is a prolific quilter and I can never have enough quilt storage, or display. I'll post pictures of her quilting genius later) Then, we walked to a couple of other nearby sales and Savannah may have found the best garage sale find EVER!!! A claw machine toy. We had to get it. Savannah and Myles are completely obsessed with those stupid claw machines. I have probably spent an entire months earnings on those things, but now they have their own. And, after I get batteries in it today, it will be our favorite thing for a while. The kids even watch youtube videos of claw machine wins and they may be making their own videos now. Then, yesterday afternoon, we went out to a local AT&T shop to get autographs from Carlton Fiske and Joe Morgan. The College World Series is in town and this was one of their fanfest events. Well, while we were in line for the autographs, there was a box to enter to win Coldplay tickets from a local radio station (I love you Q98.5). I entered, telling B that I was going to win and force him to go to the show. (He isn't a big fan, but that soon changed. Sort of) Well, guess who won? ME!! I could not believe it. I never win anything. But, I won. (Actually, I owe all of this to my lucky charm, Savannah. She won us tickets to Wicked, and now she rubbed her luck on me and I won Coldplay tickets) And best of all, I didn't have to answer any Coldplay trivia that I wouldn't know nor did I have to talk on the radio giving the name of the station that sent me to Coldplay (they'll always be Sweet 98 to me).
So, we headed down to the CWS fanfest at Rosenblatt and Myles got to do the batting cages and pitching events. He had a good time. Savannah, however, was quickly bored. And, while we were down there waiting for Myles to get into a batting clinic, I was mistaken for Gwenyth Paltrow. ha ha. That's right, I look exactly like Gwenyth Paltrow. (I take that as a great compliment and that guy is my new BFF)
So, we dropped the kids of with my parents and off to Coldplay we went. It was incredible. Our seats were sort of in the back, but right in the center of the back and we could see the stage really well. Even B, the non-fan, thought the show was better than he expected (and that is truely high praise coming from him). I took as many pictures and video as my illegally smuggled in camera could take. Of course, all of the pictures turned out blurry, but I'm posting the best one and some video for your enjoyment. Toward the end of the show, Coldplay walked across the floor of the arena and up into the back only 2 sections over from me. They performed several songs from there and I got several songs on video during that part of the show. It was so awesome! They even gave out free CD's at the end of the show. You can download them off of their website, if you are interested. I'll try to post the video later, it's not cooperating right now.

Tonight, we are going to try to get tickets to the Texas game at the CWS. There may be more adventures ahead!

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