Monday, June 15, 2009

Maternal Guilt

Today, I went to work, and was still glowing about my weekend festivities. I was sitting at my desk and chatting with my co-worker, when it suddenly occurred to me that I had forgotten something very important. For the past couple of weeks, my son has been complaining about a molar that is loose in his mouth. It's been irritating his gums and driving him crazy. Well, on
Saturday night, the kids spent the night at my parent's house while B and I went to the Coldplay concert. Early Sunday morning, Myles woke up and sneezed. His tooth flew out of his mouth and across the room. (A pretty good lost tooth story, if you ask me) So, he was quite thrilled to be rid of that thing.
So, now comes the tooth fairy controversy. Myles is almost 11 years old, but if there is a chance for him to be on the receiving end of some cash, he's in. So, he put his tooth in the tooth fairy pillow when he went to bed. I went downstairs to watch the season premiere of True Blood. Then, I went to bed.
Jump ahead to this morning, while I'm chatting away at my desk, and suddenly a bad feeling washes over me. CRAP!! I forgot about the tooth fairy. Completely forgot. So, I immediately call home, but everyone must still be sleeping or too busy to answer the phone. It's nearly 10am, so I think it's impossible for me to remedy this catastrophe. (Ok, catastrophe is probably a bit much. Honestly, he must know who the tooth fairy really is. But, still there will be disappointment when there is still a tooth in the pillow and no cash.)
Once I got home I expected to have a very unhappy fellow greeting me at the door, but he didn't say anything. It did come up a while later, but I told him that there was a storm last night and the rain probably held up the tooth fairy. Just leave the tooth where it is, and I'm sure that the tooth fairy will be by tonight. There is no rain in the forcast.
Now, the worst part of the story: This is probably the 4th time that I have done this. It must be my extreme exhaustion, but I can never remember those darn teeth! My fingers are crossed that I can remember to be the tooth fairy tonight.

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