Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh, what a weekend!

This was a busy weekend. I had to stay up very late Friday night attempting to get tickets to the College World Series Championship games. This was my plan for Father's Day gift and it was manditory that I be successful. My plan B was non-existant. But, lucky me, I was able to get a pair of tickets. Ideally, 4 tickets would have been the desired outcome, but 2 will work. So, with Father's Day taken care of and the clock quickly ticking toward 2am, I turned in for the night. At approximately 6am, my new favorite neighbor decided to play musical piece of crap trucks. He seems to enjoy playing this game every weekend morning around the same time. I don't think he owns a vehicle with a muffler and for some unknown reason, the jalopies must be shifted around on the weekend mornings. These loud, crappy trucks driving up and down the alley right next to my bedroom window kept me from my goal of sleeping until noon. (I'm currently plotting my revenge. It's still in the works, but I'll be finalizing plans very soon) So, I was up after a very quick 4 hours of sleep. I spent the rest of the morning alternating between cursing my neighbor and attempting to clean up the house.
The kids and I had to venture out to find our Father's Day cards and pick up a video for B. Then, we had to head home so that I could get ready for the evening. We had tickets to the Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood concert that night. B and I dropped off the kids and we went to eat at Jonesy's. Yum. Off to the Qwest Center next. We were fortunate enough to have seats in the second row and I learned that my camera prefers those seats. I couldn't get a decent picture during the Coldplay concert. But, I got me some good Clapton shots.
Then to continue on in my stretch of sleep deprivation, I had to get up very early Sunday morning to attempt to get 2 more CWS tickets at the box office. I had promised the kids that I would take them to the zoo afterwards. Well, once we got our very tired behinds down to Rosenblatt, the line was already stretching on forever. We were facing a 4 hour wait in a line that wasn't likely to produce any tickets for us, so we decided to just go to the zoo and forget about the ticket line.
It was a good choice because the majority of our zoo trip was fantastic. We were able to walk through the Aquarium without fighting any crowds and we could get up close to see all of the animals.

(I'm not sure what Myles had done to cause Savannah to look at him that way.) After the Aquarium we headed over to the Butterfly exibit. Savannah doesn't like the butterflies, but I forced her anyway. I think it's cool. And, after you walk through the butterflies, you go through another area and look at all of these yucky bugs. (I think that's what she hates). Well, this time through, we noticed this sign:
And then we looked up to find this directly over our heads:

So, Savannah wins. We will not be venturing into that place again. Spiders in my hair will not be part of my zoo trip. We had some fun feeding popcorn to the birds, while we were taking a break from walking and we got to see a baby sea lion. That was the cutest thing ever!
The last thing we saw was the Budgie exhibit. And, guess what Savannah wants now? And, guess how long it would take Fillmore to eat it?
Once we got into the Budgie exhibit, the heat had set in and we decided that we would ride the train back to the entrance. (Excellent idea) But, that hill you have to climb to get out of the zoo is a real killer. Especially, when the temperature is 400 degrees and there is 900% humidity. I am going to recommend to the zoo that they offer tram rides from the train depot to the exit for us wimpy folks that can't make that long sweaty walk. But, all in all it was a great day. We had a fun time spending the evening with my dad for Father's Day. B had to work that night, so he got his Father's Day celebration on Tuesday at the CWS championship game. And, he enjoyed it.

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