Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day Fun

Was a giant fiasco for me. I left work to go down to rosenblatt to pick up the tickets for the game last night. Well, it was 285 degrees outside and I had to park at the far back of the zoo. So, after that walk up to the ticket office and back, I was completely drenched in sweat. My hair was so wet it was dripping. I was gross girl. (but, to perk me up… as I was walking back to my car, a 400 pound man was walking out of the zoo in front of me and he was also drenched in sweat and wearing a shirt that said, "While you were reading this shirt, I farted". I was desperately digging in my purse to find my camera to get a picture of this most disgusting man, but I had left the camera on my desk at home. Drat!) So, I raced up to Walgreens to purchase a water spraying fan and some water bottles for Myles and B, so they wouldn't die at the game. So, $20 dollars later, I headed home.
While B was getting ready to go a surprise storm hit and our power was flickering on and off and I had to abandon my work on the computer. So, we watched it hail for a while. Once it quit and we left. Fortunately, we managed to place ourselves under the worst part of the storm for the entire drive in. We heard on the radio (while I was white knuckling the steering wheel and squinting to see the road through the downpour) that the game would be delayed at least until 7:30 so we went to eat at Lansky's (yummies pizza ever). It was pouring down so hard that I couldn't see and Myles had drank a gallon of water on the drive and was ready to rupture his bladder in the back seat. Once we got to Lansky's we had to run in during the downpour. So, while Brian and Savannah waited in the car for the rain to let up, I had to run Myles in. I got completely soaked. So soaked that my clothes were dripping. Once Brian came in and saw me, he started laughing and told me that my hair looked nice. Thanks! We ordered a pizza and I sat down to start creating a puddle underneath myself. Earlier today I had been drenched in sweat caused by the unbearable heat and now I was freezing and soaking wet while sitting in the air conditioning. Where is my happy medium?
The rain finally let up and Myles and Brian were ready to be dropped off at Rosenblatt. So, we took our drinks to go and headed out to the car. I was holding Myles's drink while he ran into the bathroom again and somehow managed to spill the pop all down my white skirt. Great, this was turning into one of my best nights ever!! So, we dropped Myles and Brian off and headed out to the Westroads to see UP in 3D! Our movie was supposed to start at 6:40, which we had already missed, but I figured that we could just see a later showing around 8 or so. Well, the next showing turned out to be at 9:20 and the movie runs for about 2 hours. Crap. I wasn't sure that a game that started at 7:30 would last until 11:20. And, we now had 2 hours to kill even if the movie is an option. So, Savannah and I went to Tilt, the amusement park in the lower level of the mall. It was tons of fun. The kids have a bit of an obsession with those claw machine games. Well, there was a claw machine there that had life size stuffed animals as the prize the claw was large enough to pick me up! Savannah's eyes nearly bugged out of her head once she saw that. But, in the end, like always, we turned our 200 tickets in for a little piece of crap that is a complete and utter let down. I have learned that earning tickets is fun, but cashing them in always results in tears.
We did make it to our movie, and I loved it. It made me cry. But, I thought it was a really cute movie. And I survived another Father's Day.
Myles was able to meet Augie Garrido after the game and get him to sign his shirt, so the guys had a great night too. :)

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