Monday, June 8, 2009

Watch Where You Step!

Today the kids were outside looking in the shed for a missing scooter. Instead of a scooter, they found an inchworm. (Way cooler than a dumb old scooter anyway). We tried to take a picture of the inch worm. You can kind of see it in this picture.
It was very hard to get a picture of the little guy since he was so small. So, I left the kids outside to play with the inchworm. A little while later, I went outside to round them up so that we could go run a couple of errands. I discovered that my pot of snapdragons was now sitting in the middle of our front porch and many of the snapdragons had been picked and were laying in a pile beside the planter. I grumbled inwardly and yelled for the kids to come up, while I put the planter back where it belonged. "NOOOOOOO!!! STOOOPPPP!!" Savannah yelled as she ran up to me. "That's protecting Inchy," she told me, as she dropped to her knees to frantically search the pile of snapdragon debrit for Inchy. "He's not here," she wailed. I tried to explain to her that he probably either inched his way into the snapdragon pot, where he'd be better hidden, or he was hiding underneath one of the leaves at her feet. He is incredibly small. Then, I made the mistake of saying, "Watch where you step!" She immediately picked up her feet to check the bottom of her shoes and then continued the search on the porch. "I'm not leaving until I find him," she informed me. I went inside, knowing this search would become quite boring in about 90 seconds.
Right on time, she came into the house and said, "Well, you murdered him." "What?" I asked. "I found him smushed in a puddle of water that was shaped exactly like your foot. So, you murdered him. You didn't watch where you stepped!"
So, I am the murderer of Inchy. Her CSI skills have confirmed me as the guilty party. RIP Inchy.

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