Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coldplay -- finally!

Ok, here is some of the video that I took at the Coldplay concert.

I have been trying to upload this for a couple of days and it hasn't been cooperating. The concert was incredible. Especially the part captured here in the video, when the band came out and performed in the crowd near me. Now, this weekend we are going to see Eric Clapton. This one is B's choice. I've seen Eric Clapton before and the concert was good, but B is the one who really enjoys the guitar player shows. Last time we saw him, Robert Randolph opened up for him. I had never heard him before, but his act was the best part of the show, in my opinion. You can check out his music here: http://www.robertrandolph.net/
Well, I'm off to take Myles to baseball practice. One more week of baseball, and then I'm going to sleep for a month.

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