Monday, September 21, 2009

All Right Everyone, Laugh It Up!

I guess it must be time for a little humiliation for me. So I'm posting the most attractive pictures of me and my family ever taken. EVER. First is a collection of our face morphs from the Christmas Carol Train Tour. We were able to morph our faces into Scrooge, Tiny Tim, one of the Christmas ghosts, and another female character, but I'm not sure who. Anyway, these are our lovely face morph results:
Here I am as Ebeneezer Scrooge

And me as Tiny Tim

And me as one of the Christmas ghosts.
Myles as Tiny Tim

Myles as the pretty girl

Myles as Ebeneezer Scrooge

And Savannah as the pretty girl

Savannah as Tiny Tim

And Savannah as Ebeneezer Scrooge

What an attractive bunch we are. I especially like the way Myles looked as the pretty girl with some strange bangs part way down her forehead.

Now, to further your amusement. Here is a collection of photos taken at my parent's house on Sunday. My dad has a new camera with a feature on it to add a smile to a face. We were all in hysterics over the outcome of these pictures. And I think my most flattering picture EVER was taken this night.

Laugh it up!

Myles before:

Myles after:

Myles -- evil? Maybe.

Myles the devil child? Definitely!

Now here is my favorite picture of all time.

And here is it's improvement. Be forewarned, laughing family members, this next image will be printed up on t-shirts for you all and given as gifts for Christmas.

And, yet another lovely shot of me.

And with an added smile...

Yes, I know. I'm very hot. I'm thinking of getting these printed up and sending them out to some of the local modeling agencies. I'm thinking it might be time for a career change.

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