Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Halloween Decorations!

Ok, I have decided that the time has come to bust out the Halloween decorations. Actually, I busted them out at my house a couple of weeks ago. I'm usually ready to start pulling all of my fun pumpkin decorations out right after the 4th of July, but try to hold back. Once September hits, though, it's Halloween time Baby!
So, my house has been looking cute and Halloween festive for a little bit and I have a smallish stash of cute Halloween decorations that I like to take to work and decorate my desk with. I spend enough time there that I figure it should be as festive as my home. But, I am also a person who doesn't take criticism well. So, I headed to work today loaded up with Halloween decorations as well as snappy retorts for anyone who felt the need to tell me that it's not October yet. I made it 3 steps into the building before I heard it. But, I don't care. I now have the cutest desk in the entire building. And Christmas? It's going out on November 1st. Prepare yourselves.

If I had a cute little cabinet like this next to my desk, this is exactly how it would look today. I may have to put in a supply request and see if I can get one. You can't overdo Halloween decorations, can you?
At our house, we have a scary life-size skeleton butler guy that we will be putting out on our front porch and a light up gateway. Both of those items I chose to keep in until it is officially October. But on October 1st, I can guarantee they will be out. And our house will have the coolest Halloween decor. And our Giant Pumpkins will be out too. I'm excited just thinking about it. I'll post pictures on the 2nd.

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