Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rrrrrrrrrrrummage Sale!!!

Today was the big rummage sale at the fairgrounds. I headed out there with my sister bright and early (that's around 9:15am for me). This rummage sale is one of the largest rummage sales in the entire state and fills up all of the buildings on the Washington County fairgrounds. I have gone to it for the past 3 years, but this year and last year I went on a mission. This was no casual shopping venture. This was the place to go to find great bargains. Last year I found several Christmas decorations and an adorable ceramic cookie jar. And all of these things are about $1 a piece. I had also found the kids a lot of cute clothes in the past that had cost next to nothing.

So, this year I had convinced my sister to go with me and prepare to go crazy. There were some great bargains to be found, and we were on a mission to find them. We quickly made a beeline for the kids clothing barn and immediately dug in. Right off the bat, I had found a couple of adorable pajama sets for Savannah and quickly crammed them into my shopping bag. Stacey did the same. I caught sight of the girls jeans table, and the sight of jeans piled up 4 feet high was simply too overwhelming for me to tackle. So, we moved on to the racks of hanging clothes. These clothes were crammed in so tight, that my arms were seriously aching after a few minutes of searching through them. ACHING! Apparently, I need to do some arm workouts prior to coming to the rummage sale. But, I will not be swayed from my mission. After about an hour of searching through every rack in the place, I had a bag that was bulging at the seams and quite a pile of overflow. Stacey was hauling around an equally enormous pile. My arms were aching, my legs were aching, and I was sweating but the day was a success. I found Savannah quite a few pieces. She got an adorable pink cardigan sweater from the Gap the looks like it was never worn. She also got a very cute Hershey's chocolate tshirt, an Old Navy fleece vest that looks new, and much much more. Myles scored a Rockies baseball jersey, several pairs of pants in a size 14 (the kid is growing like a weed), and a Omaha Royals Alex Gordon shirt. He's pretty excited about them. I found a pink tshirt that says "Popular" and is from Wicked! Woo-hoo.

The sale was a huge success (for me). The kids wanted to go out to it after they got out of school and Savannah was able to rummage through the book barn and found herself 10 books. Unfortunately, we didn't find a bookshelf to store all of these books on. And after purchasing nearly 40 pieces of clothing, 12 books, and 4 holiday decorations, I only spent about $35! Now, I think that counts as a great day! Tomorrow, I'll be whining about my aching arms and I may have to bust out my hand weights to prepare for next year.

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