Thursday, September 3, 2009

Green Feet and Green Roofs

This past week I purchased a pair of kelly green flats. I think they are cute, but I'm not totally sure about the color. My feet will definitely stand out. Do I want all attention drawn to my feet? I guess there could be worse places to have attention drawn to. We'll have to see how the public reacts to my shoes. I'll keep everyone updated. Have any of you been to the People of Walmart website? If my green shoes land a picture of me on this site, then I will know that I made a bad choice.
And the People of Walmart site has been entertaining me all week. I fully intend to stake out my nearby Walmart and submit some photos. I have commented many times on the state some people are willing to leave the house in. And the really do all seem to be headed to Walmart. I'll post any pictures that I am able to snap.

Today, I was in my kitchen making some chicken noodle soup (from scratch! I kick ass at cooking. I even made two loaves of bread from scratch in the afternoon. Martha Stewart better look out!) for Savannah because she has been fighting a cold. While I was chopping carrots and celery, I glanced out my window at the house next door. This house has been a bit neglected as long as we have lived next door. They have been sprouting a rather large forest of maple trees in their gutters for years. I think it's fun to watch. Maybe they are trying to grow a green roof, but are unaware of how it's really done. (Ok, it's complete laziness, but I have to try to put a positive spin on it since I am a fellow lazy person) But, today, this is what I noticed had sprouted in the gutter.
It made me smile. A happy little flower sprouted in the gutter forest. :)

Now, I'll share with you a little story from this past week at work. I went into the break room to purchase a coke from the coke machine. In order for me to get this much thirsted for pop, I had to scrounge for the 75 cents I needed. So, after putting my 15 nickles into the machine and selecting my pop (feeling my face turn red knowing several of my coworkers were watching me push coins into that machine for 20 minutes) out comes a can that is making a strange noise. I reach down and pick it up and a fountain erupts from this can. Pop was exploding EVERYWHERE. I sprayed pop from one side of the break room to the other. And, there were several witnesses. (All snickering at my misfortune) It was not good. The trash can is clear on the far side of the room, and even moving as quickly as I could and still avoid having pop spray all over my outfit, I still managed to leave a river of coke across the room. I was then able to entertain all of the lunch eaters by attempting to mop up the floor with a couple of napkins. The floor is still as sticky as a movie theater. And my position as company laughing stock has been locked firmly in place. In the end, I was reimbursed for my pop, purchased another one (in front of the same audience) and was still able to get my coke. Ha ha Universe. I still got my Coke.

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