Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Tale of Two Dogs

Well, at our house live 2 dogs. Boris is our Great Dane and Fillmore is our Rat Terrier/Pomeranian mix. Yes, they are complete opposites in every sense. Boris, the gentle giant is bullied on a daily basis by Fillmore, the alpha male. He has learned that taking a toy from Fillmore will earn you a nasty nip on the jowls. Ouch! Also, Boris has learned that Fillmore is FAST and it is very hard to keep track of where he is. Fillmore has mastered the art of darting in and out of the giant dogs legs in order to keep him guessing (and high stepping in a very amusing manner). Surprisingly, though, they are the best of friends and don't like to be without the other one for any reason.
Well, Savannah has a toy dog that operates on batteries and looks like a real dog sleeping and it's chest moves up and down to look like the dog is breathing. It came with a little doggie bed. She had the doggie bed down in the living room one day and Fillmore curled up on it to take a nap. Savannah thought this was adorable and has allowed Fillmore to sleep on it for the past couple of days. Boris must have felt left out because when I walked into the living room yesterday, this is what I found:

I believe he had one elbow, part of a shoulder, and some of his chin crammed onto this tiny little bed. "That little dog doesn't get to have all of the comfy sleeping spots to himself," Boris thought. "I'm trying this thing out."

Fillmore came along to inspect the situation and allowed Boris his few minutes of comfort.

Here, you can see how much of Boris actually fit onto the bed.

It didn't take long for Fillmore to reclaim his sleeping spot, though.

And poor, sad Boris was forced back to his usual spot on the carpet.

Mope. Mope. "It sure was comfy over there. This bony leg I'm resting my head on just isn't the same."

He does have an actual comfy sleeping spot, too. However, his size does not allow for us to drag his pile of comforters all over the house and he prefers to lay in whichever room I am in. He does lay a mean guilt trip, though. Poor pitiful pooch.

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