Monday, September 28, 2009

Tic Tac?

This past weekend I was introduced to Stacy's Pita Chips . These things are delicious. And they are even more delicious when being offered as a free sample to a Mom and her 2 kids who haven't eaten anything in over 3 hours. Just keep your fingers back, Sample Ladies!
The kids and I were picking up a couple of necessities in Target, when we were completely sidetracked by a kid's jeans sale. Jeans for the kids for only $7! "GRAB ANYTHING YOU SEE IN YOUR SIZE AND RUN TO THE DRESSING ROOMS!" I ordered. So, after our giant clothing jackpot, we headed up to pay for our booty. Only after paying did I remember that we didn't come to Target for clothes. We came here for garbage bags, which I have a Target exclusive coupon for. So, we went back in the store. And, it was a good thing we did. On the grocery side of the store, there were dozens of samples to be had. Once again, we gave up on our garbage bag mission and made our way from one sample table to the next, shoving aside anyone that got in our way. Then, I remembered that I, as a mother, should be setting an example for my children. So, I slowed my pace and yanked at the back of my kid's collars to slow them down, too. They were already pulling out the bottoms of their shirts to make a sort of shirt-basket into which they were planning to scoop the entire contents of each sample table. "Be polite. We are not animals!" I reminded them as I pushed ahead of them. Of course, the Mom duties quickly kicked in as I became the trash recepticle for every napkin and small plastic cup that seconds earlier contained a tasty morsel of food. We sampled Stacy's Pita Chips, some new fruit bites that contain an entire day's worth of vitamin c, some granola bites, nut clusters, some cheesy pasta thing, mango green tea, and to finish our circle of goodies we sampled pumpkin spice hershey kisses (Myles and I agreed that they tasted like candle wax) as well as the traditional chocolate kisses. Yum Yum. By this time, I was very precariously balancing a rather large collection of napkins and cups and candy wrappers. So, I asked the kids to find me a shopping basket and while they weren't looking I found a trash can to unload my burden. "Where did you put all that trash?" they asked. "I dumped it in some lady's cart when she wasn't looking," I told them. Their eyes got big. "So, hurry up, we've got to get out of here before she realizes it was me," I told them. Ha ha. There was some very speedy shopping done after that, with several glances over their shoulders. Of course, our basket was loaded up with our needed garbage bags as well as a bag of Stacy's Pita chips, some of those fruit bites, the granola bars, and I may go back for that pasta stuff. The sample ladies were very successful.

Today, however, I am discovering that the pita chips we bought were the Garlic Parmesan flavor, and the garlic will likely keep any lurking vampires at bay. Also, all of my co-workers will be keeping a safe distance today as well. Garlic may be oozing out of my pores right now. Whatever, they are still delicious. Savannah also has a baggie of them in her lunch box today. Hopefully, someone will still play with her at recess today. Tomorrow, I'll enclose a couple of tic-tacs, too.

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