Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Double Chin Mints

Guess what will be consuming my every waking thought for the next few days? That's right. Girl Scout Cookies.

It happens every year. Every single year.
I don't feel overcome with anxiety and impatience when I place the order. Nope. They are just cookies. And once I hear that they are in, I'm still not a cookie maniac. But, once I have opened up that first box, that's when the trouble begins. Some sort of cookie monster gas escapes the box the moment it's opened and it takes over your brain. Cookie crumbs collect in your lap as all hopes of a springtime diet fly out the window.

They are just so yummy. What do those girl scouts do to those cookies? I mean seriously. Look at that cookie.





I am trying to summon up some will power, but the cookies are a short lived treat. They disappear much too quickly. And I live with 2 piggy chomper children. I have to snarf them up as quick as possible just to ensure that I get any at all.

I have 7 boxes. They've all been opened. And they'll all be gone by the weekend.

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