Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wee Little Leprechaun

We have a nightly visitor to our house. Her name is Maeve and she is a leprechaun. She had been visiting us nightly and she and Savannah were having a pen pal relationship for a while about a year ago. The nightly letter writing got to be a bit much for Savannah and she hadn't been in touch with her for a while. Until Savannah got a little leprechaun kit. It came with a little book and a little leprechaun.
Savannah was inspired to get back in touch with Maeve as well as to create a special home for her to rest in when she stops by. This is her amazing creation.
She crafted up a ladder to assist Maeve in getting up on top of the coffee table. She also left out some cheerios in case she needs a snack.
Her letter to Maeve was left in the pink mailbox.
I'm just hoping that Maeve decides to leave her a pot of gold. And convinces Savannah that corned beef and cabbage is a very delicious meal. :)

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