Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy First Day Of Spring!!

Well, our first day of spring is rather gloomy looking. It's really cloudy outside. But it is supposed to get up to 70 degrees today, so no complaints here. The supermoon happened last night, too. But, again too cloudy for us to see.

Since this weekend contained our first day of spring, we decided to start some seeds in our kitchen. It's very exciting. And it'll be even more exciting if I can remember to water all these little cups and actually get something to grow. Fingers crossed. My kitchen has been transformed into a makeshift greenhouse. We have started zinnias, sunflowers (2 varieties), asters, white pumpkins, some variety pack of pumpkins and squash, and a white squash. I want to start some watermelons too. Yet another year of attempting to replicate our patermelons. They were fabulous!!! Outside looked like a pumpkin, inside smelled like a watermelon. I will be patenting them!

Our squash was started a few weeks ago as part of Myles's science fair project. So, it's a little ahead of the rest.
This weekend I also tried out my first dessert from my new Gooseberry Patch cookbook.
Myles has requested the salty peanut bars. They are a lot like those salty nut rolls that are so yummy at the grocery store. These turned out good. They are definitely not a diet dessert, but is there such thing? I keep cutting very skinny little pieces for myself. I figure if I just eat a tiny little piece it's not so bad. But, I realized that 8 to 10 tiny little pieces starts to add up. Between all the desserts in this cookbook and all the girl scout cookies I've consumed, my winter flab is here to stay. Stupid yummy food.

My exercise plan has included a lot of sitting and crocheting lately. How many calories are burned while working with yarn? 2-3 calories an hour? And in order to keep my energy levels up I seem to crave 500 calorie snacks every 30 minutes, so I may have to rethink my workout regimen. Hmmmm.

But, during my latest workout session, I created my very first granny square. Granny squares and Japanese flower motifs have become my latest obsession.

And, if I'm going to mass produce granny squares, I'm going to need some yarn. So...
I'll be working out a lot.

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