Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Weekend

We had a very busy weekend in our house. Myles went to a sleepover on Friday night for his friend's birthday. Savannah and I spent our time crafting. She has a music program coming up this Thursday and has decided on a very special outfit to wear for the program.

Here it is:

She made a duct tape dress! It's entirely covered in duct tape. We used black duct tape to cover a cami and skirt she had, added the turquoise band to create an empire waist, and covered the bottom half with purple duct tape squares. We added a zipper to the back after realizing that duct tape has absolutely NO stretch to it. But, she is extremely pleased with the final result. She even made a duct tape purse to match.

And, I can guarantee that no one in the show will have the same dress on!

Saturday, I spent the majority of the day crocheting. I have regularly visited Lucy's blog Attic24 and it has only enhanced my crochet addiction. I saw her recent post for Hearts and Twigs and immediately had to replicate it. So, after a Saturday spent crocheting hearts and a Monday wrestling with fallen branches in my work's parking lot, here is my creation.

I love it. We'll see how long it takes my giant dog to knock it over with his giant tail.

Our last crafty project this weekend was making some paper mache newspaper nests. I had gotten this idea from the current Country Living magazine. We made our using the comics from the newspaper and I think the results are fabulous!

They were very easy to make all you have to do is cover a small bowl with plastic wrap and set it upside down on some wax paper. You then mix equal parts glue (we used Elmer's) and water. The magazine examples used old pages from a dictionary and brown lunch sacks. We used our paper shredder to shred our comics and then you just take a small handful of it and cover it with the glue mixture and set it on the plastic wrapped bowl. Keep adding more paper until your bowl is completely covered and then let it sit. Ours took about 24 hours to dry completely. But, they look really cute with some plastic eggs in them for Easter or some really yummy Easter chocolates. I think we are going to try making some more with the brown lunch sacks. But first, I'm baking a chocolate sheet cake.

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  1. Beautifuol projects, your hearts look lovely, but i esp love the paper mache bowl, I think that'll be firmly on my list of Something To Try with the LP in the EASTER hols xxxxxxxxxxxxx