Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh Yeah!

I finished!! I have a new blankie. I had one as a little girl and I loved it very very much. It was a great companion and if I went somewhere, so did my blankie. I sucked my thumb, too. Picture a female Linus. But, it was taken away from me much like the woobie was taken from the kid in Mr. Mom.
Anyway, I have a new blankie and I made it myself! I may have to curl up under it and watch some Smurfs cartoons and really relive my childhood.
Here it is:
And, yesterday we were lucky enough to get our first thunderstorm of the season. And it happened right after school, too. Myles is obsessed with severe weather and tornadoes and was following the storm closely on the TV and online. Then, we went outside to watch the storm on our front porch. (The front porch is where you are supposed to go when in a tornado watch, right?)
Of course tomorrow night we are supposed to get snow, so spring is already taking a little vacation. Spring is a slacker.
And my other exciting news ... I have my first little flower sprouts!

If I can keep them alive, I'll post more pictures as they grow.

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