Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And the winner is...

ME!!! I entered a contest on a writer's blog and won a free tshirt. The author is Chelle Cordero and she was promoting her new book, Hostage Heart.

Now, because I was a winner in her contest, I thought I had better look into her work a little bit. So, today, while killing time at work, I found her website and blog. You can visit it here or check out her blog (which is what I was reading) here. You have to go read her August 9th teaser exerpt from her book. I brought it up at work and was sitting at my desk reading it, (open cubicle floorplan with very little privacy) when one of my co-workers comes up behind me to ask me what I was doing.
"AAAAHHHHH!" I shriek and quickly click the window closed. That wasn't suspicious, right? Crap, how do I make this look less like I am totally busted for illicit activity? "Geez, did I scare you?" I was asked. "Um, yeah. I was just doing a little research and didn't hear you come up," I said, trying to act casual. The blush on my cheeks and the sweat on my brow may have given me away.
So, if you are looking for a steamy romance novel, I think I have a recommendation for you.

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