Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Heat is On!

Ok, for most of this summer I have been complaining about the lack of heat. Our pool opened when the daily high was averaging about 72 degrees. I was eager to take the kids to the pool and work on my tan. But, the heat never came. We would get up to the low 80s, but that was it. I need some oppressive heat to warm up that pool water, so that I don't end up with pneumonia from a summer trip to the pool. What is up with all of this mild, comfortable weather? I whined, I complained, but the comfortable weather continued. I would sadly watch other people swimming and shivering, but was not willing to freeze my keester off in that ice pool. So far this summer, we have visited the pool 4 times. That's it. Then, yesterday, the heat finally came. Of course we had plans to go see some friends' band perform at an outdoor festival during the peak heat of the day. So, while my pool dreams could have been realized today, it was not meant to be. Instead the universe preferred to teach me a lesson. Whine about the lack of heat and you will be put out in it and you will suffer. So, I suffered terribly. Thankfully we knew the band and were able to stand on the side of the stage with them in the only shade available. I am quite certain that the 50 or so people in the crowd (that number was so low only because sane people stay inside or in pools when it's this hot out) must have checked their sanity at the door. There was not one centimeter of shade to be found anywhere beyond the stage. And those crazies still chose to sit out in the blazing sun and 100+ degree heat. Insane. At one point, this was all I could think of:

And I would have killed for one. Instead I melted to a puddle of sweat standing in the shade. The band, Matt Woods and the Thunderbolts, was great. You can check them out here. And they did distract me from my misery for a while.
Anyway, I survived the oppressive heat today and even scored myself a nice heat rash. Now the heat wave is predicted to continue and the pool closes for the season in two days. Why does the universe mock me?

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