Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poor Puppy

This week has been a bad one for us. Fillmore hurt his leg on Monday afternoon and we weren't sure what was wrong with him. We thought that if we left him alone and kept him calm (nearly impossible) he might recover in a couple of days. He wasn't wimpering or seeming to be in any pain, so we let him be until today. I couldn't take it any more. And after spending all of Wednesday night online doing google searches and basically earning my degree in veterinary medicine specializing in dog leg injuries, I was certain that Fillmore had torn his ACL. This is very bad news. Usually requiring surgery. Sometimes more than once. And lots of recovery. And huge medical bills (and possibly a second mortgage and insurmountable debt). Bad bad news. So, after spending the night in tears over the fate of my poor baby Fillmore, I put him to bed. The vet visit this morning was quite an adventure. I took Fillmore out on a leash to "do his business" before we left and managed to step in a pile of Boris's poop. Lovely. Then, at the vet's office, Fillmore peed on the vet during the examination, then pooped on him. The assistant took him for an xray and he peed on her as well. I think he was just making his opinion of the morning's activities known. But after all of this worry, it turns out he has a medially-luxating patella. Or, as the vet likes to call it a "trick knee". He only needed some doggie advil and will soon be feeling better. Yipee.
So, in the end I learned that peace of mind and a bottle of doggie advil costs $151.61. And, that a degree in veterinary medicine from Google University is worthless. Mine has been sent back.
On the counter in my vet's office was a sign that is the funniest sign I have seen in a long time. It read, "ALL UNATTENDED CHILDREN WILL BE GIVEN A CUP OF ESPRESSO AND A FREE PUPPY"
ha ha.

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